Vocals, acoustic guitar and percussion -

 When Brooke Ratliff heard Jakob Dylan's solo album, 'Women and Country' she was finally inspired to take her music public and perhaps find musicians to work with. As the singer-songwriter for Mercury Salad, her new-found admiration for American roots music peaks through. 

Acoustic and electric guitar - 

 Kurt Bonnell makes his guitar debut on this ep. In fact, Mercury Salad is his first band. He spent many years exploring the styles of everyone from Patty Larkin to Pete Townshend, Joe Walsh, and even a little bit of Django Reinhardt.  After the departure of Brent Truex from the band, decided to go from audience member to band member. He rehearsed tirelessly, focusing on each phrase, until he made the songs his own.

Then suddenly, without much obvious effort, and all at once...Kurt began composing his own funky, chunky tasteful guitar pieces such as the song Hot Sauce (Brooke grumbles that its beginner's luck, but maybe it's just sheer talent). Kurt's abilities are very clear on the band's cover of "My Love is Alive'. He distills the many layers of Gary Wright's original keyboard parts down to one stream-lined acoustic guitar.

Bass, acoustic and electric -

Dan ‘Ozzie’ Andrews has distinguished himself as one of the most sought-after bass players in Michigan. He is seen regularly on stage with local favorites like Rod and Annie Capps, and Jason Dennie, as well as the Whiskey Charmers.  He can also be seen with Cold Tone Harvest and Black Jake and the Carnies. 

Ozzie contributed a variety of styles to the Mercury Salad Sandwich debut EP. His experience as a veteran jazz musician gives songs like ‘Whiskey Turns on You’ its lowdown, infectious swing.  ‘Mrs. Nathan Henry’ showcases his skill at bowed double bass.  His cello-like melody makes the song even more moving. 

After years of living and working in California, New York, and London, Ozzie is psyched to be back in Michigan. He enjoys the lovely, green forests of northern Michigan, as well as the arts and culture around his hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Kyle Kipp is a well-respected musician who plays both drums and guitar. He and Ozzie are both member of local crabgrass legends, Black Jake and the Carnies. Kyle is currently performing with Mercury Salad as the drummer. The established friendship between the two makes the Mercury Salad rhythm section all the stronger.

 Mercury Salad Sandwich makes their home in the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area of southeast Michigan. With so many excellent venues and creative events in town, they usually perform close to home, but are looking forward to branching out. 

In October 2017, Mercury Salad was signed to Detroit-based Assemble Sound's Publishing division. 

The band is currently mixing their second EP, Volume II. They hope to have it ready in January 2019. 

Percussion:  Kyle Kipp and other friends -
Bass:  Ozzie Andrews -
Vocals:    Brooke Ratliff-
Guitar:    Kurt Bonnell-

Percussion: Kyle Kipp and other friends - Bass: Ozzie Andrews - Vocals: Brooke Ratliff- Guitar: Kurt Bonnell-