Fundraiser for Project 418

Rumpus Room, 510 North Main Street, Chelsea, Michigan

Saturday January 19th Bull Halsey + Mercury Salad Sandwich 8pm | FREE SHOW

"One listen to Bull Halsey throws the rock-n-roll mind into reverse, to a time when young British kids like The Yardbirds, The Animals, and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers were teaching other Brits (and Americans) how much the Delta blues had an impact on rock music. This isn't today disposable garage-rock re-hash, this is a textbook from Music Appreciation, and class is in session."

Bio for Mercury Salad Sandwich

Mercury Salad Sandwich has a simple approach to music: write tunes that make people groove. "The sammich"; plays many styles, from acoustic funk to jazzy swing, to folk rock. Never too loud, always tasteful. Kyle Kipp and Ozzie Andrews, both of Black Jake and the Carnies, are currently laying the foundation of bass and drums. Meanwhile, Kurt Bonnell draws from influences like Warren Haynes while bending the notes on his guitar, and Brooke Ratliff sings and adds some finger-style guitar.