...twangy sound layered with beefy bits of funk, folk, and country smashed between two thick slices of acoustic-centered goodness.”

Lori Stratton, Current Magazine

Mercury Salad Sandwich released their debut EP, “Volume 1,” which features eight tracks nicely wrapped in slices of folk, twang, country, Americana, funk and rock topped off with an ode to whiskey”

— Lori Stratton-Stratton Setlist; Oct 2018

They’ll heavily ingest the tasty “acoustic funk” tunes of the burgeoning folk rock and Americana quartet from Ypsilanti, Mich., during their 4:30 p.m. Sunday set on the Pond Jam Second Stage.”

— Stratton Set List; AUGUST 2018

This album, and their live performances, ignites the genre with so much energy, a swagger, a boot-stomp, a sly wink, an exuberant embrace. There’s no better genre categorization I could come up with than the one they’ve already provided: “acoustafunk!” ….with a bit of bluegrass thrown in…”

— Jeff Milo - Current Magazine; Feb 2018